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Who can use the system?
Our service is available worldwide to anyone 18 years of age and over. You should register in the system to start any operation.

How much is the membership fee?
Membership to UltraGold Exchange is free.

Can I pay by using my credit card?
No. Currently we do not support this payment method.

Which hard currencies do you support?
Currently we work with US Dollars only. For Euros, user may elect Bank Wire to our Chase Bank account as formally accepted multi-currency deposits then convert to US Dollars in user's account.

Do you store any passwords to my E-Currency accounts?
No. If you exchange or sell electronic currency via us you will be redirected to a payment gateway provided by an appropriate E-Currency Provider. This means if you pay us using BitCoin you will enter your account number and password directly on the BitCoin site so they provide the confidentiality.

Is it secure to work with UltraGold Exchange? Yes. Our state of the art technology uses a number of security levels. The connection between the User and UltraGold Exchange is encrypted using SSL protocol - an industry standard for the E-Commerce sites protection. All activities on our site are logged and you can always see when your last login was and from what IP address. All User passwords are encrypted to ensure confidentiality and security of your internetcurrency.net account. Our hosting provider uses modern methods to prevent "hacker" attacks.

What is the fee structure?
The fee for an order consists of two parts: an external fee and our fee. The external fee is a fee that is charged by third parties for processing your payment (e.g. Bank, E-Currency Provider etc.). 'Our Fee' is a fee that we charge for processing your order.

I have other questions.
Please contact us.

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